Massage & Bodywork by Kim Oldenhage - "In a gentle way, you can shake the world."  ~ Mahatma Gandhi

Discover the art of bodywork and you will find a calmer, healthier, more balanced you!
Rainy Day by Kim O.Working together we will use various modalities and massage techniques to bring you out of a state of tension and pain, into a re-discovered state of deep emotional and physical relaxation.
Massage & bodywork promotes optimal body function, immune response, muscle relaxation and emotional contentment.  Some of the fascinating effects of bodywork can be an increase in mental clarity, reduction of anxiety, the facilitation of emotional release and the feeling of general well-being. The physical effects include, but are not limited to the improvement of connective tissue health, increased range of motion and joint flexibility.  A reduction of heart rate/blood pressure, improvements in your digestive system and immune system.  Also the relief of muscle pain caused by poor circulation, repetitive motion, stress, etc.

Let my intuition, skill and compassion help explore who you are and who you wish to become.  Lets bring out the best in you!


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